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Bio House 18CM X 4CM 10KG

Bio House 18CM X 4CM 10KG

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The Bio House is filter media made from mineral stones( that emit infrared rays) and ailica after undergoing high temperature treatment. It encourages the rapid growth of large colonies of beneficial bacteria which helps to improve the water quality by removing toxic substances present in the aquarium/pond water.

The Bio House is 10 times more effective than normal filter media in cultivating beneficial bacteria as the height porosity of thematerial offers a greater surface area for the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to colonize. These bacteria are necessary for the breaking down of Nitrate and Ammonia in biological filtration.

The Emissive scale of the Bio House's far infrared ray is above .92 and the wavelength is 4-14 microns. These properties enable the Bio House to break down the hydrogen bond of the water molecules, revitalize and increase the oxygen in the water. This will inturn encourage the growth of aquatic plants and fishes, boosting their immunity against diseases.

The Bio House also releases minerals and trace elements which are essential for the good health, rapid growth and intense coloration of aquatic plants and animals.

It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors usage as it is specially designed to work effectively in various filtration systems such as pond filters, overhead filter, canister filters, wet and dry trickling filters, internal and external overflow systems, etc.

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