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Ultraviolet Pond Clarifiers

UV Sterilizers are a safe, effective and proven method of water disinfection that can be easily adapted to any size application. Use of the proper size UV sterilizer kills parasites before they can cause disease! This cleansing light eliminates any free-floating bacteria, fungi, mold spores, viruses and protozoan (parasites) by preventing replication.

Ultraviolet disinfection

Ultraviolet disinfection is never used as the sole method of water treatment. At the very least, it should be accompanied by sediment pre-filtration to ensure that bacteria and viruses are not shielded from the UV light by particulates in the water.

UV Sterilization

UV Sterilization is the safest method of preventing and eliminating problems in an aquarium, or pond. Pond UV Sterilizers will not kill a parasite on the fish, but parasites go through a free floating stage, at which point they are eliminated.

Points to ponder about UV Sterilization

  • Most effective when run 24/7.
  • Most effective if the water is clear.
  • Most effective if bulb is new, or replaced regularly (at least every 6-8 months).
  • Most effective if the UV light penetrates less than one inch of water.
  • Effectiveness can be hindered if the water passes to fast past the bulb. Most effective if the exposure time of the water to the UV light is longer than one second.
  • The effectiveness of UV light can be hindered if there is light blockage, i.e. a salt encrusted bulb.
  • It can help to prevent future water borne pathogen reoccurrences, once the initial problem as been completely eradicated from the aquarium.
  • UV light not only kills unwanted organisms, but beneficial ones as well.
  • Because it can destroy beneficial microscopic organisms that some reef tank inhabitants may depend on as a food source, UV light should not be run during feeding time.
  • It only destroys organisms that are free floating IN the water as it passes by the UV light, i.e. it will NOT get rid of an ich infestation that is already ON fish, or cure a bacterial disease fish may have.
  • Should never be run when treating with any drugs or medications.
  • UV can also alter the structure of some dissolved chemical compounds.
  • UV light can be damaging to the human eye, so DO NOT look into the bulb.
  • Always unplug the unit when working on it to prevent possible shock if it breaks or gets wet.