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Pond Liner

Firestone PondGard liners are the best EPDM liners on the market! EPDM liners are the preferred choice for landscapers, nurseries and water garden installers because they are extremely flexible and very puncture resistant. Contractors, garden centers and retailers can call for wholesale pricing!

  • Fish Safe: PondGard liners have been tested and have proven to be safe with fish and plants
  • Highly flexible: PondGard liners remain flexible in extreme temperatures, from -40° to +175°F
  • Weather resistant: PondGard liners are UV resistant and will not embrittle with age
  • 20-Year warranty: PondGard liners are so durable they are under warranty for 20 years!

We stock rolls of EPDM Liner. We will cut these rolls to your desired length or we stock several precut liners that are packaged and boxed. Prices per square foot are the same for the cut rolls as the preboxed. EPDM pond liners over 400 square feet are too heavy to ship UPS. Motor freight will be used for liner shipments over 150 pounds.

When creating a backyard pond with a flexible pond liner, calculate the width, depth, and length of your pond. You will want to be sure you plan for a minumum of a two-foot overlap around entire pond. Our Pond Planning Calculator can help you.

You will then be able to cover your entire pond base, and have enough left over to create an overlap around the perimeter, which can be covered with decorative rocks to hold down the pond liner.

Installing a flexible pond liner requires the additional step of ensuring that no sharp objects, such as roots or rocks, will penetrate the liner.

Although liners are very durable and resistant to puncture, it does happen. Many people install underlay to provide an insulating layer between the soil and the pond liner itself.

When it’s time to lay the pond liner into the hole, try to get an even overlap all the way around, and smooth out any wrinkles. Hold the pond liner in place with some bricks, and start filling it with water.

Once it’s completely filled, you can trim off any excess overlap, and start creating your backyard garden to enhance your pond!