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Koi Medications

Every pond owner with fish, at some time or another, will probably have to medicate their pond. Though Koi are extremely hardy, it is very important to keep a watch on their environment to keep them at their healthiest.

Attention should be paid to the quality of water and balance of the pond (i.e. pH levels etc.). However, if problems do occur, the first step is to remove the individual fish or decide whether to treat the entire pond.

It is sometimes difficult to be aware of a problem with a fish until its too late.

Be aware of your Koi's behavior patterns so changes can be detected early. A change in your Koi's behavior is usually the first sign that that your Koi are stressed or ill.

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Here are some tips to avoid health problems:

  • Good water circulation - Water within the pond environment that is stagnant or slow moving is an ideal environment for bacteria to flourish.
  • Fresh water - To dilute ratio of bacteria to water, replace approx. 10% of water on a weekly basis.
  • Crowding - Do not overcrowd.
  • Water Conditions - A good filtration system will help keep the pond balanced.
  • Stress - Like humans stress is a major factor in inducing disease in fish. Try to avoid stressful situations and conditions.
  • Nutrition - Make sure are fish are receiving a good diet. Feeding should be adjusted for the correct seasons & temperatures.
  • Injury - This is a common sense one. If the fish has an apparent injury treat it immediately.

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