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Aquabead Filter

Aquabead Filter

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The AquaBead series of filtration systems combine all the latest incremental improvements to provide the ultimate in pond filtration. Quality components and construction make the AquaBead a logical choice.

  • Swirl Input - Provides heavy waste settling while ensuring uniform distribution of flow through the bead media.
  • Sludge Removal Drain - Ensures complete removal of heavy wastes with each backwash.
    Serviceable union drain valve.
  • Clear double union spring check valve.
  • Sturdy fiberglass construction.
  • High-flow, low-pressure systems that are designed for low amp draw pumps.
  • Complete hydraulic backwash with no dirty discharge to the pond.
  • Full feature, 6-position multi-port valve, the least restrictive valve available.
  • Life Support System allows for an optional air pump to oxygenate the filter during medical bypass or pump failure.
  • Small footprint - Ideal for space limited applications.
  • Easy installation
  • Air blower system included.
AquaBead 1.75 2,500 gallons 19" x 30"
AquaBead 2.5 5,000 gallons 21" x 34.5"
AquaBead 4.25 10,000 gallons 24" x 35.5"
AquaBead 6.0 17,000 gallons 30" x 40"
AquaBead 9.0 25,000 gallons 36" x 45"

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