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Organic Digester Liquid

Organic Digester Liquid

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Our Liquid System, known in the industry as the "Blue Stuff", consists of a very concentrated and potent blend of microbes specifically blended for the particular environmental challenge. We raise our product on phosphate. The same stuff as in your pond.

Although it has a shorter shelf life than our powder, (12 months as compared to 3 years), due to the shorter lag-phase, it reacts more quickly in remediating the environmental waste. Because of the diminshed lag-phase, the microbes immediately begin to degrade the waste, reproduce and quickly increase the number of CFU’s. This aids in further speeding the process.

The liquid is the most concentrated on the market.Organic Digester is cultured in our factory, not in the bottle. There is no quality control when a product is cultured in the bottle.

  • A 16 oz bottle (473 ml) treats 10,000 gallons (37,854 l) on a maintenance basis
  • A 32 oz bottle (946 ml) treats 20,000 gallons (75,708 l) on a maintenance basis
  • A one gallon bottle (3.78 liters) treats 80,000 gallons (302,832 l) on a maintenance basis

"Maintenance Basis" refers to the point in treatment when, after a few applications have been completed, the pond has obtained a decent water quality, clarity and consistency.

You cannot overdose. Use as much as you would like. ALWAYS RETREAT AFTER A RAIN!! Rain adds phosphate to the water, which the algae loves!

Most ponds should be treated weekly during the warm weather months. You should not believe that you can treat a pond once a month when using bacterial treatments. Regular applications, at least every other week, are recommended. Even though our Organic Digester does reproduce in mass quantities, regularly adding fresh bacteria is advisable. Don't forget, the bacteria will die if the food source dries up or, a chemical could kill it. That is why, to keep on top of your pond, always do frequent applications.

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