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FOK Automatic Feeder

FOK Automatic Feeder

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The FOK AutoFeeder is without doubt the Rolls Royce of automatic feeders and has been in use around the world to our knowledge for the last 25 years, always providing optimum results and added benefits for any Koi pond. The feeder is fabricated from high grade ABS plastic and runs on 110 ac volts.

The sophisticated programmable/time clock will permit many possible different feeding schedules. An override facility as well as a cancelled facility without loss of timed schedules is also possible. The clock is set to current time and the choice of delivery times is enormous with actual feeding times set from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

The unit offers a large holding capacity of approx 4kg of food dependant on size of pellet and a visible window of stock quickly determines when a refill is required. Unlike most other feeders, the FOK delivers food in a random mode across the surface of the pond, with the use of a cleverly designed flicker system, thus preventing greedy or hungry fish waiting at the feeding point in readiness to clear the latest feed, whilst at the same time depriving slower and more docile fish their share of the daily food.

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