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Challenger Filter

Challenger Filter

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The most definitive statement in filtration design.

With an extensive array of valve features, backwash options, outstanding craftsmanship and performance, the Challenger line of filters can satisfy even the most jaded Koi veteran - and will blow away the pond and Koi keeping enthusiast.

With increased bead capacities and patented operating and backwashing design, the Challenger filter brings a whole new meaning to Koi pond filtration.

The Challenger line of filters offers answers to these short-falls of conventional bead filters. Constructed of rigid, heavy duty fiberglass the challenger line of filters are designed to handle flows up to 10,000 gallons per hour while retaining the aerobic functions of the media contained in the unit.

A couple of the advancements have been made to the popular Challenger line of bead filters is the addition of the Hydraswirl technology and Sludge drains. With the Hydraswirl addition soLid are spun to the center of the vessel where they wait for the operator to open the sludge drain.

With this unique feature, soLid are purged under pressure, while opening the Sludge drain with the pump running. This forces the heavier soLid out of the filter to waste in a matter of a few seconds. A Multiport Valve is provided as standard equipment with features such as Backwash, Rinse, Re-circulate, and more.

The Challenger bead Filter is available in 5 sizes to meet your pond requirements.


Challenger #40 (1.75 cu. ft.) up to 2500 gal
Challenger #50 (2.50 cu. ft.) up to 5000 gal
Challenger #60 (4.25 cu. ft.) up to 10,000 gal
Challenger #100 (6.00 cu. ft.) up to 15,000 gal
Challenger #140 (9.00 cu. ft.) up to 22,000 gal

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